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Kazemir Malevich, “Suprematist Composition”, 1916 - $60 million. In 1927, Malevich moved nearly a hundred of his works from Leningrad to Berlin. He was urgently called back to the Soviet Union, however, and had to leave his paintings in storage with architect Hugo Haring. Haring saved the paintings during the difficult years under Nazi dictatorship when they could have been destroyed as “degenerate art”. In 1958, after Malevich’s death, Haring sold the paintings to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Kazemir Malevich

卡济米尔•马列维奇(Kazemir Malevich)1916年创作的《绝对主义的创作》(“Suprematist Composition”)—6000万美元。1927年,马列维奇将其近100幅作品从列宁格勒转移到了柏林。然而,他被紧急召回到了苏联,不得不离开画作,将它们保存在建筑师雨果•哈林(Hugo Haring)的仓库中。在纳粹独裁统治下最困难的几年中,哈林保住了这些作品,而在当时,这些画作很可能会以“堕落作品”之名被销毁。1958年马列维奇逝世后,哈林将这些作品卖给了阿姆斯特丹市立博物馆。
Vasily Kandinsky “Fuga (Fugue”, 1914 – $22.9 million. This painting set a price record back in 1990 when nobody dared to buy it. The good part about that is that now anyone can admire it at the private Foundation Beyeler in Switzerland.

Vasily Kandinsky

瓦西里•康定斯基(Vasily Kandinsky)1914年创作的《即兴》 (“Fuga”)—2290万美元。1990年,这幅画作创造的2290美元价格记录,令人们望而却步。不过,现在它被收藏于瑞士拜尔勒私人基金博物馆,任何人都可以欣赏到它。
Mark Chagall “L’Anniversaire”, 1923 – $16.3 million. It’s curious that New York’s famous MOMA have had exactly the same painting since 1949, only painted in 1915 and entitled “Birthday”. It’s not sure what the artist meant to say by this.

Mark Chagall

马克•夏卡尔(Mark Chagall)1923年创作的《生日》(“L’Anniversaire”)—1630万美元。奇怪的是,纽约著名的现代艺术博物馆在1949年时已经有了一幅完全相同的画,而这幅画创作于1915年并被命名为《生日》(“Birthday”)。对于马克•夏卡尔想通过这幅画表达什么,人们不得而知。
Alexej von Jawlensky “Schokko with Wide Brimmed Hat”, 1910, £9.43 million. Schokko is not a name, but rather a nickname. Every time the model came to the artist’s studio, she asked for hot chocolate, thus earning herself the nickname “Schokko”.

Alexej von Jawlensky

阿列克谢•冯•亚夫伦斯基(Alexej von Jawlensky)1910年创作的《带宽沿帽子的肖珂》(“Schokko with Wide Brimmed Hat”)—943万英镑。肖珂(Schokko)并不是一个名字,而是一个昵称。当时,画中的模特每次来到艺术家工作室的时候,都会要一杯热巧克力,因此得到了这个昵称。
Nicolai Fechin, “The Little Cowboy”, 1940 - £6.95 million. This artist from Kazan, who studied under Repin and emigrated to America in 1923, is well-known in his native land except to the employees of the Kazan museum where many of his works are kept.

Nicolai Fechin

尼古拉•费欣(Nicolai Fechin)1940年创作的《小牛仔》(“The Little Cowboy”)—695万英镑。费欣来自喀山,师从列宾,1923年移居美国。其很多作品被保存在喀山博物馆。当然除了喀山博物馆的工作人员外,费欣在本土也享有一定的知名度。
Natalia Goncharova, “Spanish Woman”, 1916 - £6.43 million. Natalia Goncharova is one of the most sought-after painters on the art market. Her work is usually very expensive. For example, “Flowers” sold for £5.52 million, while the oligarch bought “Nude Negress” for Naomi Campbell for a cool £2.6 million.

Natalia Goncharova

娜塔莉娅•冈察洛娃(Natalia Goncharova)1916年创作的《西班牙女人》(“Spanish Woman”)—643万英镑。娜塔莉娅•冈察洛娃是艺术市场上最为抢手的画家。她的作品通常十分昂贵。例如,其作品《花》被卖出了552万英镑的价格,更有金融寡头以260万英镑的高价为娜奥米•坎贝尔(Naomi Campbell)购买了冈察洛娃的画作《黑人裸女》(“Nude Negress”)。
Ilya Repin, “A Parisian Café”, 1875 - £4.52 million. You wouldn’t guess it today, but the scene painted here is actually quite scandalous: a woman dared to go to a café without an escort to accompany her, meaning she’s a fallen woman. Russian critics derailed Repin for his frivolous theme, but the artist repainted the woman 20 years later. In the modified version, the painting became moralistic in tone, as the woman’s face took on an expression of shame. However, the painting’s Swedish owner ran X-rays and restored the initial painting.

Ilya Repin

伊利亚•列宾(Ilya Repin)1875年创作的《巴黎咖啡馆》(“A Parisian Café”)—452万英镑。在今天大家恐怕无法想象,这幅画作描述的是怎样一个不体面的场景:一个女人敢在没有任何同伴的情况下,独自一人去咖啡馆,这意味着她是一个堕落的女人。虽然这幅主题“轻佻”的画作遭到了俄罗斯批评家的阻挠,列宾还是在20年后重新描绘了这个女人。在修正后的版本中,这幅画被赋予了说教意义,因为画中的女人面露羞愧之色。不过,该画的瑞典收藏者利用X射线恢复了这幅画最初的样子。
Vasily Polenov, “Christ and Woman Taken in Adultery”, 1908 - £4.07 million. The painter’s interpretation of the Biblical story of Christ and the adulteress almost met its end due to an iceberg. Plans were made to take it to America on the Titanic, but that was ultimately changed.

Vasily Polenov

瓦西里•波列诺夫(Vasily Polenov)1908年创作的《通奸的基督徒和女人》(“Christ and Woman Taken in Adultery”)—407万英镑。这幅描绘圣经中基督徒和女人通奸故事的画作差点由于冰山而沉入海底,因为原计划通过泰坦尼克号将这幅画运往美国,最终因改变了行程而躲过此劫。
Konstantin Somov, “The Rainbow”, 1927 - £3.7 million. The year before the global financial crisis struck, 2007, the sale of this painting for such a colossal sum was cause for sensation. The painting became the most expensive art work sold at Russian Art Week, the name given to the several days when the main auction houses in the world’s international auction capitals sell only Russian art.

Konstantin Somov

康斯坦丁•沙莫夫(Konstantin Somov)1927年创作的《彩虹》(“The Rainbow”)—370万英镑。在全球金融危机前一年的2007年,这幅作品高昂的售价引起了不小轰动。由于当时全球国际拍卖中心的主要拍卖行都只销售俄罗斯艺术作品,因此之后被冠名为“俄罗斯艺术周”,《彩虹》也成为“俄罗斯艺术周”上卖出的最昂贵的艺术作品。
Ilya Kabakov, “Beetle”, 1985 - £2.9 million. A children’s poem about a small boy who wants to add this beetle to his collection is featured at the bottom of the painting. This poem now reflects the situation with art collectors: Ilya Kabakov’s work has become these “beetles” that collectors dream of adding to their collections.

Ilya Kabakov

伊利亚•卡巴科夫(Ilya Kabakov)1985年创作的《甲壳虫》(“Beetle”)—290万英镑。该画底部写有一首儿童诗歌,是关于一个梦想将甲壳虫加入自己藏品的小男孩的故事。这首诗现在正反映出艺术品收藏家的真实情况:伊利亚•卡巴科夫的作品已经变成了“甲壳虫”,而收藏家们梦想将其加入自己的藏品之中。
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